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By Leonettabeauty

Today I bring you a review of the brand Sola Look.

The products of this brand are inspired by movies and television series, which makes them look very attractive as well as original.

The first review I will give you is about the GREASE “PINK LADIES” palette. This release was made in celebration of the 40th anniversary of this film.

The truth is that the packaging is luxurious and the pigmentation of the shadows is incredible. The only downside that I would address, is that all the colors are shimmers. For the rest I love the tones and everything is very according to the theme.

Unfortunately it is no longer available on the page of Sola Look, so I feel fortunate to have it in my collection.

Another palette that I am going to talk to you about today is the ‘Brenda, Dylan, Kelly 90210 Eyeshadow Palette’, inspired by these three characters from the Beverly Hill 902010 series.

I definitely love the eyeshadow formula of Sola Look. I can confirm that with this palette, despite it not having too many colors, you can create many looks with them.

The palette comes with its mirror and you can see and feel the great quality. When you take it in your hands it's definitely not light. It has a price of $29,- on their website (click here) remember to use my code LEONETTA10 to save on your purchase.

Foto 1 using Brenda, Dylan, Kelly Palette and y the lipstick Bad Boy.

Foto 2 using the lipstick Kelly from Save by the bell collection.

Foto 3 using The Grease Palette.

Now let's talk about lipsticks. I had the opportunity to try the collection of "Saved by the Bell".

These lipsticks were inspired by the 3 protagonists of the series: Lisa, Kelly and Jessie. Each with a striking metallic color. My favorite is: Kelly.

Even though I am not a fan of metallic lipsticks, I must confess that I came out of my comfort zone and I actually love how they look. Unfortunately they are also sold out.

Other lipsticks that I have used from this brand are the trio from the collection of Brenda, Dylan, Kelly. These happen to be my favorites and they have a value of $14,-

But if you buy them together with the palette, you would get the entire collection for only $38,-

It's really worth it.

The products from this picture are from the page of Sola Look.

In conclusion, I am a fan of Sola Look, It seems to me that their products are very original and you can see the love they put into each of their products.

Each collection comes with some stickers or something additional related to the movie or series. I think these are nice little details.

If you want to buy these fantastic products, do not forget to use my code (LEONETTA10) and you will receive a 10% discount.

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Curious Fact

In the movie Grease they were all supposed to be high school students, but no actor was really that age.

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