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In which lights should I invest to improve my photos and or videos?

By Leonettabeauty

When it comes to adequate lighting for makeup, some people think directly of the expensive light bulbs used by professionals in the world of film and photography, however, today any user can enjoy quality lighting to achieve a good photography or video All this thanks to the professional lighting kits of the Neewer brand.

Lighting for makeup photography from my point of view is one of the fundamental aspects. This is because it gives us more real and vivid colors. In the same way, it gives the skin a much more uniform texture. Also, you will avoid altering the tones of your makeup.

Surely it has happened to you that you have made an extraordinary makeup, however, when you see the photo you realize that the tones are not adequate.

That is why it is so important to have good luminescence equipment, since only then we make sure to show the makeup as close as possible to how we see it in reality.When thinking about investing in this type of equipment, we must choose products of the best possible quality.

When I decided to do so I chose the Neewer brand because they have excellent luminosity and offer us a much higher quality than what could be expected from other products that exist in the market.

Also their price is very accessible.I started by buying the light ring, but then I realized to get better quality in both my videos and photos I needed more lighting and little by little I was equipping my studio with all the necessary equipment.Next, I will introduce you to each of the lighting tools that I have in my recording set:


I usually use the ring light with a medium intensity for my videos and photos, just to achieve the effect of angel eyes.

These photographs are from the official Neewer website

Ring of Light:

It will provide you with continuous lighting that you can regulate. Thanks to this you can play with the light intensity to achieve more volume and better contrast.

Thanks to the soft shadows it produces, it is ideal for taking spectacular portraits and / or creating content for your social networks. It is undoubtedly an essential accessory to obtain studio lighting.

If you need to illuminate in an easy and professional way, the Neewer Light Ring will help you achieve the best results. It is ideal for both photography and video, and also to achieve a perfect makeup. (Click here) to learn more about this product.


Many times, makeup can be distorted, especially if we use a hard light. Direct lighting on the face may not always be flattering.

On the other hand, a harsh light can generate reflections in the pupils which do not give a good result.Softboxes in makeup photography help blur the main glow source you use when shooting.

If you want to have a more homogeneous and soft luminosity, then it is preferable that you buy this equipment. With a soft light you will enhance your makeup. (Click here) to learn more about this product.

LED Light Panels:

One of the biggest benefits of using an LED panel light is that you can see the effect the light is having on the photographed subject or object before taking the shot.It is not necessary to take a test photograph to see if we are lighting the scene correctly, as we do with a flash since it always remains on.

Another benefit you have is that you can play with cold light and quality light depending on the type of makeup that you are going to do. This will help you a lot to obtain a better result.(Click here) to learn more about this product.

Background support system:

The photographic background is a tool that serves as a finish for photos taken in the studio or at home. Its main function is to hide any element, such as the wall and the floor that is in the space and acts leaving the image completely clean.

The photographic background can be smooth or printed and makes the object or person to be photographed completely evident in the photo.

The photographic background is purchased in several colors, the most common being black and white. Among these two options, white turns out to be the most versatile, because after the photos it is possible to insert various effects into them without interfering with the background color.

There are also the most colorful models and among these, green is the best. This is because with it you can create the most diverse digital scenarios, you can play a lot with this background in video editing.

The background that I acquired comes with 3 fabrics: green, white and black. As I explained previously, each one fulfills a function. The cloth that I currently use is the white one and I combined it with purple lights to obtain the effect that you see in my photos and videos. (Click here) to learn more about this product.

Good lighting when applying makeup to edit videos and photos or generate content makes it easier to understand the content you are sharing, reinforces your authority and considerably increases the chances that people will return to your channel or share your videos with friends. You can buy these products online by (click here) in my Amazon store.

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I hope this information is very helpful when choosing the lighting for your studio.

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