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How to create content on Instagram?

By Leonettabeauty

As we already know Instagram is one of the most important social media site of the moment. Many people consume hours of content on this social network.

Below I will explain about 3 important points that you must take into account to create content on Instagram:

Number One: Be clear about the purpose of your account

If you know what your purpose is, it will be easier for you to create content.

Example: my purpose is to work with brands of skincare, makeup and hair care. So my content is focused on these 3 niches. On my instagram you will find videos from skincare, makeup and hair care tutorials.

For makeup artists whose purpose is getting clients, it would be ideal to show in short clips the whole process of makeup. Also, show the before and after pictures, so in this way the audience will appreciate their work.

In the event that your purpose is to sell a product, try to tell a story, something that is fun and interesting about what you want to sell. Create a link with your audience.

Nobody wants to see a boring catalog on Instagram. Everybody who is using social media, is there for being entertained and receive some good vibes.

Number two: Show yourself always like a professional

Look like a professional all the time. This will be helpful to reach your goals. That’s why your photos and videos should have good lighting and high resolution.

I advise when you have the opportunity to invest, invest in a good camera, a set of backgrounds for photography (these are ideal to give a more pro touch to your videos and photos), and good lighting.

If you are starting and it is not possible to invest at the moment, try to use the tools that you already have, in a correct way.

Almost all of us start recording and take photos with our cell phone. If this is the case, use the rear view camera on your cell phone. This has better resolution then the front camera.

There are many applications that are very helpful to edit photos and videos with the cellphone. Among my favorites are Snapseed and Facetune2 for pictures. For videos I used Vivavideo.

Number three: Be Creative and give a little bit more

There is a high probability if you are starting out in this business, that there are many people who wants to do the same. So please realize, that you have to stand out from the crowd and create your own style!

Be careful with this however. It is not a competition you have with other content creators. What I mean by that, is that you have put love, effort and commitment in your content.

See it as a competition with yourself. That will keep you motivated and believe me, your followers will notice it and they will love it.

You don't have to be selfish regarding your knowledge. Share with your audience what you know and what you are good at. With this, your audience will be more interested in your content.

I hope these tips are very helpful. Don't keep this information for yourself. Feel free to share it. Who knows it can be beneficial for somebody.

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