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By Leonettabeauty

There are different types of collaborations between an influencer and a brand. Today I'm going to focus on explaining how to make brands send you products for "Free".

And yes, I say "Free" because in this world nothing is for free. The brand that sends you a product is often waiting in return for you to create content for it.

That said, I am going to give you 5 tips you can use, to make a brand want to collaborate with you.

Tip number 1: Work on your Feed

In my previous blog I talked about how to create content on instagram. These tips will help you have an idea of ​​how to make your feed look attractive.

First of all I recommend that you have a striking and professional profile photo as this will make brands click on your profile.

Once the brand is on your profile, the first thing they will see when you enter will be your bio and your feed.

Brands will be interested to know what you do, what your niche is, where you are or if you have a website. We can put all of this in the biography.

The brand is not interested in knowing who your parents are, the names of your children or what your religion is. You can leave this information for your personal account.

Since if what you want is to collaborate with brands, I recommend that you should have a profile focused on your beauty content only.

Tip number 2: Invest in Quality Equipment

In my previously blog I also recommended investing in lighting and cameras.

The chances that a brand will send a product to someone whose feed has dark, poor-quality photos or low-resolution videos are almost nil.

If you still cannot invest in this equipment, try to use what you have in the most optimal way. Record or take photos in places with good lighting and always use the rear-facing camera on your cell phone, in case you do not have a professional camera.

Tip number 3: Tag brands in your posts

Tag the brands of the products that you are using and use their hashtags. Check in the profiles of the brands which are the hashtags that they have, so that you can place them in your posts.

You can also tag brands in your stories when you create a new post.

With this we are trying to accomplish that brands see your content and repost it, if they like. If this happens, it will increase the opportunities that other brands will see you and wanting to collaborate with you. Or even include you in their PR list.

Tip number 4: Use influencer platforms

On these platforms you can apply to campaigns and be able to test products from your favorite brands or brands that you did not know yet.

It is a way of having “Free” products to create content. This will also help you discover new brands, and in some way it can be a bridge for these brands to see what you created and maybe ask you to collaborate again.

Some of the influencer platforms that I have used are:

How they work is super easy. Basically you must create your profile, link your social media and then you can apply to the campaigns that are in force.If you are elected you will receive the notification in your email and then you will receive your products, so that you create content according to the specifications of the campaign.

Tip number 5: Contact the brands yourself

If the mountain does not go to Muhammad, Muhammad goes to the mountain.

If you have done all of the above and still the brands have not contacted you, you can write them directly.

For this I recommend the following:

  1. Using a professional email address, preferably the same username as your instagram account.
  2. Create your Media Kit. I recommend which has a variety of templates.
  3. Write a letter addressed to brands. In this letter you can start by greeting them, telling them who you are, why you write to them, and you can attach your media kit.

Almost all brands respond to emails with either a positive or negative response.

If you are rejected, it is important not to take it personally. There is a time for everything and that time will come soon.

Try to contact brands which content is similar to yours. That way there will be a greater chance that the response will be positive.

I hope these tips are very helpful for you and that you can collaborate with many brands.

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