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What is Boxycharm?

By Leonettabeauty

It is a monthly subscription that consists of a box that contains 4 to 5 products between skin care and makeup products with a value that exceeds $100,-

If you like makeup like I do, this subscription will come in handy because all the products it contains are full size and also they almost always include palettes as the main item.

For only $25,- per month if you choose the basic box some of the main brands are MAC, TATCHA, Becca, Glam Glow, Huda Beauty and Benefit Cosmetics among others.

In my opinion, what is good about Boxycharm is that its products are assorted and of excellent quality. This is because they are 100% original and you will not get repeated products. Besides that the price is also very accessible.

I subscribed for more than a year and a half and I can say that thanks to Boxycharm I was able to expand my makeup set when I started in this wonderful world.

I am currently on the Boxycharm Public Relations list so they send me their basic box monthly.

As for shipping, they only ship to the United States. If you live in another country, as in my case (I live in Curacao), I recommend having a locker since they would ship to this address.

The cost of shipping from the place of origin to the country where you are will depend on the company or locker you choose. In my case I use the CPOST company and the costs that I usually pay is about $15,- more or less.

Some of these products came in different months and the pictures were taken by me.

Boxycharm offers 3 types of box:

  • Boxycharm Basic: it is a box that brings 5 ​​varied products as I mentioned previously, valued at $175. Once the subscription is made the costs of it will be $25,- which you will pay every month.

  • Boxycharm Premium: with an average value of $215,- Once the subscription is made you will pay $49,99 per month and you will get 6 to 7 higher quality products. I received this box for 7 months, but since my makeup collection was growing bigger, I decided to cancel it.

  • Boxycharm Luxe: with an average value of above $ 395, you can get this box only if you have already subscribed before to the basic box. You will receive it every three months for the price of $49,99 and you will get around 8 to 9 items fully stocked

From my experience this beauty subscription is the best way to discover new brands and try new products at a reasonable price.

When you start in this world, to me it seems the best option without spending a lot of money. If you want to subscribe and get the Boxycharm you just have to (click here).

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Curious Fact

Sometimes the brands that Boxycharm ships create exclusive boxy products that you won't find in any store. 

Farmacy is one of the brands that have exclusive products for Charmers.

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